The best card readers for your business.

Discover how our range of Yavin card readers can help your business grow. All our terminals give you access to all the Yavin features. Choose the format that suits you best.

N6 Terminal

Yavin Reader

Mobile, compact and standalone


Yavin Terminal

Mobile and complete with a printer

Your Yavin Reader.

Yavin Mini terminal being used to pay


Thinner and lighter than an iPhone, the Reader fits in your wallet and is ideal for on-the-move cashiering.



With its integrated SIM card and Wi-Fi connection, the Reader always operates autonomously, smoothly and quickly.



Get all Yavin features in a compact size. Ideal for at-the-table payment collection.

Get the Yavin Reader

Your Yavin Terminal.



The Yavin Terminal meets all your mobility needs. It will follow you everywhere with its long-battery life and Wi-Fi/4G connection.



With its integrated printer, the Yavin Terminal gives you the opportunity to print receipts or send them to your clients via text or email.



The Yavin Terminal adapts to your business: it can be used both for mobile and countertop payment collection.

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petit trait bleu Is the offer really no commitment?

The rule is: if you don't use your terminal during a month, you don't pay anything. It’s as simple as that.

petit trait bleu What is included in the monthly service fee ?

The MyYavin service fee gives you access to all Yavin features and to our best transaction rates.

petit trait bleu What happens if my card reader stops working?

We know how much of a burden it is to not be able to accept card payments properly. If you have any issues, just contact us and we will look into your case immediately. Our teams will help you out, and in case of breakage, our terminals have a 1-year warranty.

petit trait bleu How long does it take to access my funds?

Funds are transferred straight into your bank account within the next business day.

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